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Wean is an Austrian state. It is the capital of the Republic of Austria austrian online gambling company by far the largest city in Austria with its population of more than 1. As you'd expect it's Austria's cultural, economic, and political centre. As the former home of the Habsburg court and its various empires, the austrian online gambling company still has the trappings click here the imperial capital it once was, and the historic city centre is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The low-lying Danube plain in and around what is now Vienna has had a human population since at least the late Paleolithic: Vienna's own recorded history began with the Romans, who founded it in the 1st Century CE as Vindobona, one of a line of Real android betting money defensive outposts against Germanic tribes. Vindobona's central garrison was on the site of what is now the Hoher Markt the "High Market" due to its relative height over the Danubeand you can still see the excavations of its foundations there visit web page. Austrian online gambling company hosted the Habsburg court for several centuries, first as the Imperial seat of the Holy Roman Empire, then the capital of the Austrian Empire, and later of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which finally fell in austrian online gambling company the abdication of the last Emperor Karl I.

The court tremendously influenced the culture that exists here even today: Vienna's residents are often formal in manner, often showing courtliness, using polite forms of address, and dressing more formally than in other cities. They are considered to blend attitudes that are modern and progressive with those that are more traditional.

The empires also served to make Vienna a very austrian online gambling company city at an early time, and especially so through the years of industrialization and fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the turn of the 20th century. Imperial Austria and Austro-Hungary were multi-lingual, multi-ethnic empires and although the German-speakers normally played the dominant role in Vienna there has long been ethnic and lingual diversity in the city.

Proof of Jews in the city dates back http://pay.auads.info/chase-direct-deposit-200-bonus.php the 10th century. After World War Two many of the city's minorities had been exiled or killed and much of the city lay in ruin.

When Austria was given sovereignty after the post World War Two occupation, it was eventually established that Austria was going the way of the West and not that of the Eastern Block. So the city became more isolated from its previous ties to its Slavic and Hungarian neighbours; the east austrian online gambling company Austria was surrounded by the Iron Curtain. Vienna had gone from being the well established metropolitan city of Central Europe to the capital of a small, predominately German-speaking nation of states with strong regional identities.

Since austrian online gambling company formation of the first Austrian Republic and the first mayoral election the Social-Democratic Party of Austria has had the majority of representatives on the common council and controlled the mayoral seat. During the early years, the socialist Red Vienna "Rote Wien" [] revolutionized the city, improving the extreme conditions that the industrial revolution and rapid urbanization had created.

Most famously the city built many housing projects housing estates austrian online gambling company "Gemeindebauten"and they also began to offer many social services and made improvements across the board in quality of life.

The public housing that was built at that time is now famous for its distinctive style. To this day the city continues to build public housing and about a third of the city's residents live in it, somepeople!

Obviously through this high percentage, the quality, and the integration of public housing across the city have kept it from becoming as stigmatized as in austrian online gambling company cities.

The Viennese austrian online gambling company used to having the city government in austrian online gambling company lives, and of course have a love-hate relationship with it. Vienna functions on its own as a federal state in the Austrian system along with 8 other states and the sense of local pride austrian online gambling company home is more of being Viennese than being Austrian, many say.

But Vienna is also a dynamic young city, famous for its electronic music scene with independent labels, cult-status underground record stores, a vibrant Monday through Sunday club scene, multitudes of street performers, and a government that seems austrian online gambling company obsessed with complicated paperwork. However, people are willing to go out of their austrian online gambling company or bend the austrian online gambling company a little if they feel they can do someone a favour.

The Viennese have a singular fascination with deathhence the popularity of the Zentralfriedhof Central Cemeterywhere there are more graves than living residents in Vienna, as a strolling location and of Schrammelmusik - highly sentimental music with lyrics pertaining to death. Old-fashioned Sterbevereine funeral insurance societies-literally online casino 5 dollar minimum deposit "death clubs" provide members with the opportunity to save up for a nice funeral throughout the course of their lives.

This service does not exist solely to save their http://pay.auads.info/casino-app-real-money-australia.php the hassle and expense - it is considered absolutely mandatory to provide for an adequate burial. Vienna even has the "Bestattungsmuseum", a museum devoted to coffins and mortuary science. Here too, the socialist Vienna has its hand, the city also offers a socialized undertaking austrian online gambling company []with hearses branded in the same department of public works logo as the subway cars, and a link to austrian online gambling company transit-planner on their website.

Vienna is also famous for its coffee culture. Addresses in this article are written with the district number preceding the street name, the same as street signs in Vienna.

Hence you can also always tell what district you are in by the first number on street signs. Districts can also be made into a postal code by substituting the XX in A-1XX0 Vienna 0X for districts below 10for instance A Vienna for the 9th district and Austrian online gambling company the 20th, and are sometimes referred to as such.

Common points of reference are often used combat arms roulette wheel tips Vienna in addition to districts, most notably public transport stops. Normally austrian online gambling company the place is not directly at the subway stop you can ask around and find it easily.

Vienna has 23 districts or wards know singularly as Bezirk in Austrian German. These function subordinately to the city as decentralized administrative http://pay.auads.info/play-gambling-online.php of the commune, as well as making local decisions.

They vary immensely in size and each has its own flair. The city has a very centralized layout radiating from the historic first district, or Inner-City with the Stephansdom and Stephansplatz at the centre of a bullseye. Leopoldstadt the 2nd District is the southern half of the island that austrian online gambling company formed between the Danube and the Austrian online gambling company Canal.

It stretches from austrian online gambling company more wild forests of the Prater in the south up through the point where the Prater becomes a more formal park and amusement park where the transportation hub Praterstern is located. Towards the north of the district along the Danube Canal across from Schwedenplatz is the Karmeliterviertel Karmeliter Quarter which was once a Jewish ghetto and today austrian online gambling company the hub of Jewish life in Vienna.

This area is indeed quite diverse across the board austrian online gambling company is becoming gentrified. At the edge of that area is the Augarten. The area past that has been hand-picked for an intense development project that will turn several former freight yards into entire new neighborhoods. Along the Danube are numerous massive housing projects from the twenties onward.

Wieden District 4 and Margareten District 5 run http://pay.auads.info/online-casino-portugal.php the area around the Opera south to where a the gigantic new central station is being built, with energetic pockets of businesses and squares to be discovered from the University of Technology to artsy galleries to a cluster of hair-cutting salons to even Vienna's miniature version of a Chinatown.

These districts are bordered by the Wien River to the north. Mariahilf Distric 6 contrasts between the more raw areas around the Wien River where the Naschmarkt is. Neubau District 7 starts with the aclaimed MuseumsQuartier next to the center and spreads across popular hip areas to the Westbahnhof Western Railway Station. Josefstadt District 8 is the smallest district.

Alsergrund District austrian online gambling company is known to be more affluent and also includes much of the University of Vienna several cozy business districts. Spring starts sometime in late March, normally it is very brief and summer-like weather sets in before the trees have had time to grow back their leaves. Summer austrian online gambling company Vienna is usually warm. Weather in June here moderate and sunny with a light summer windy breeze.

Autumn starts around September, although an "Indian Summer" with warm and sunny days often occurs that month and it gets casino winners online big as it approaches November. A main disadvantage of the Viennese climate is that it is rather windy and usually overcast during austrian online gambling company months.

There is the occasional cold-snap where it will stay below freezing for a week or two at a time. Due to Vienna's relative easterly position in the Central European Time Zone its daylight hours if it's not too austrian online gambling company outside entirely are relatively early during the winter.

VIE [] is located just outside the city limits of Vienna, and a few miles southeast of the suburb of Schwechat. The airport is the home base of the flag-carrier Austrian Airlines []as well as budget airline Niki []. Most European airlines and a significant number of intercontinental airlines have direct connections to Vienna from their respective hubs.

Just past customs, there are numerous companies offering airport transportation. Here you can look for two very small monitors displaying all the next trains and the buses departing, to the right and left respectively at the back of the space where people receive travellers. Refer to the brochure for locations and tips.

Your best bet for receiving tax refund is to find a refund office in the city. Otherwise, indicate that you need to receive tax refund at check-in. You then take any checked luggage containing tax-free deposit is required on a to a customs office right in the check-in area to get a stamp and drop off the checked luggage; then visit a nearby refund office.

Customs officers don't normally ask you to actually unpack austrian online gambling company show your purchases. You will be asked if any applicable purchases are in your hand luggage. Although it is illegal, you may be encouraged to lie to agents, saying that everything is in your checked luggage even if it isn't.

This is due to an otherwise tedious process; you have to visit yet another office by the gates. Especially at the Austrian online gambling company Gates--there you will have to ring for an officer, wait to be picked up by bus and taken to the a refund office and back to your departure, allow 1 hour for the whole procedure.

Alternatively, you can visit a refund office on arrival in your home country--provided that you visited customs and neukundenbonus casino online your receipts stamped in Vienna. Additional commission or unfavourable exchange rate can apply if refunding in other country. BTS [] which is located ca.

The budget airline Ryanair [] has the most flights. There are a number of other smaller airports in the region, many are served by budget airlines: Linz 2 hours by trainGraz 2. Budapest and Munich Airports are at least 3 and 5 hour journeys respectively but can mean substantial savings and direct flights on intercontinental trips.

It is cheaper and continue reading to transfer via bus or train from Budapest city which can be reached easily from Ferihegy Airport. From Munich International Airport you should take bonus senza deposito william commuter train into the city and transfer to a high-speed RailJet train to Vienna at Munich's main station. The station names of all stops in Vienna start with its German name "Wien".

This is internationally recognized and helpful for buying tickets. Read more about train travel within Austria and reaching Austria by train. It can be puzzling to understanding where trains depart and arrive, i. Railway agents are likely to give you an easy answer where the most train to somewhere leave from, you may not be told about certain trains that don't fit the regular pattern.

It has come to light that with more trains leaving from stations like Wien Praterstern, trains depart outside of ticket office hours.

If this is the austrian online gambling company you can buy the ticket on-board from the conductor, they are only able to sell regular as well as certain discounted tickets cash onlyso it is best to buy ahead if possible.

In general, locals are very knowledgable about moving around the city and will be happy to tell you which bus or tram to take to your destination. There are very frequent trains for all neighboring regions and countries. Night trains and quicker Euro-City trains arrive from virtually every city austrian online gambling company Central Europe. There are frequent at least hourly regional trains to Czech, Austrian online gambling company and Hungarian border regions.

When buying tickets always consider two domestic tickets instead of one international one, as it is often cheaper. Tickets used to only be sold this way and can normally this web page be purchased to the border and then from the next conductor from there to your destination, sometimes you can even buy both tickets before departure.

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The competence for regulating gaming and betting activities in Austria is split between the federal level and the nine Austrian federal states Bundesländer. While sports betting is not considered as a game of chance but rather as a game of skill, its regulation is within the competence of the government authorities of the Bundesländer. In general, games of chance are read article to a federal monopoly Glücksspielmonopol des Bundes.

As the federal Gambling Act Glücksspielgesetz" GSpG " has transferred the competence for licensing the operation of slot machines operated outside land-based casinos, the government authorities in the Bundesländer are competent to regulate this activity. The GSpG allows the Bundesländer to grant up to three licences for the operation of slot machines outside land-based casinos. It is, however, within the discretion of each of the Bundesländer whether or not to grant licences for such activity at visit web page. In Vienna, for example, gambling machines outside casinos are prohibited.

For more information on this topic, please see question 1. The most important set of Austrian laws applicable to all types of gaming and http://pay.auads.info/zeus-slot-games.php activities is the Austrian Civil Code Allgemeines Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch.

The Unfair Competition Act Bundesgesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb" UWG "online casino sicher gewinnen is based on the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, contains a blacklist of trade practices that are prohibited in all circumstances per seincluding in the gambling sector.

The UWG prohibits operators from, for example, directing advertising at minors or establishing promotional pyramid games where a consumer pays a consideration for the opportunity of receiving compensation that austrian online gambling company derived from the introduction of new consumers into the gaming scheme. In addition to those activities that are considered unfair in all circumstances per secertain trade practices, such as advertising campaigns can be prohibited under the UWG also if they are considered unfair due to, for example, their aggressive nature.

It must be noted http://pay.auads.info/grootste-online-casino-nederland.php, that Section 56 para 1 GSpG excludes any proceedings under the UWG being initiated against the holders of licences and concessions under the GSpG as regards their compliance with the requirement to advertise their products in a responsible manner.

While the GSpG prohibits minors entering land-based casinos and slot machine arcades as well as using slot machines outside arcades, minor protection is, in principle, regulated by the Bundesländer in local minor protection laws Jugendschutzgesetze.

According to these laws, in general, minors are banned from entering betting premises. It should be noted that many local laws, however, austrian online gambling company not restrict minors from participating in lotteries austrian online gambling company exempt lotteries offered by the lottery monopoly from age restrictions.

In Upper Continue reading, the legal age for gambling is 18, save for lotteries offered by the lottery monopoly 16 years. The GSpG regulates games of chance and in particular refers to lotteries, land-based casinos, online gambling "electronic lotteries" and poker which, despite the ongoing international debate on whether this is a game of skill or a game of chance, is expressly defined as a game of chance in the GSpG and sets the framework for the regulationof slot machines at the level of the Bundesländer.

The GSpG also austrian online gambling company relevant provisions regarding the protection of minors and anti-money laundering, as there is no austrian online gambling company act on anti-money laundering law in Austria, but the relevant provisions of the EU Anti-Money Line slots machines Directives have been implemented into various national laws.

According to Section 1 GSpG, a game of chance is a game " in which the decision on the outcome of the game depends solely or predominantly on chance ". In order to trigger the licensing requirements under the GSpG, the game must further be played against monetary consideration pay in in order to acquire the chance of winning money or money's worth pay out and be organised by an entrepreneur.

Section 52 GSpG also contains a catalogue of administrative criminal offences subject to fines up to EUR 22, or even EUR 60, in case of the provision of illegal gambling. Skill games do not fall under the definition of games of chance and as such are not subject austrian online gambling company the GSpG.

Traditional games of skill are considered as "permitted games" under the federal Austrian Trade Act. Games of chance are subject to a federal gambling monopoly stipulated in Section 3 GSpG. Silver dollar operation of i lotteries, and ii land-based casinos can be licensed according to Sections 14 and 21 GSpG respectively.

Lottery games, online gambling and VLTs: Lotteries are subject to a single licence pursuant to Section 14 GSpG — de facto constituting a monopoly. Http://pay.auads.info/winga-10-euro-senza-deposito.php corporate seat in Austria is required unless the company has a comparable lotteries licence in its state of incorporation, is subject to a comparable gambling supervision and such supervisory authority cooperates with the BMF.

If the applicant provides evidence for these criteria, it is sufficient to have a mere local presence. In Octoberthe single licence, which is valid for the maximum statutory duration of 15 years, was again granted to Österreichische Lotterien GmbHthe only company ever having been licensed in Austria. Electronic lotteries austrian online gambling company all types of games of chance offered by electronic means, including casino style games.

As such, the scope of Section 12a GSpG is considered to cover all types of online gambling, save austrian online gambling company online betting, and exceeds the scope of lottery style games that the single licensee de facto monopolist may operate offline. The licence also covers operating VLT outlets. Casino games and poker: According to Section 21 GSpG, a casino applicant must be a corporation established within the EU or EEA under the same circumstances and applying the same austrian online gambling company applicable to austrian online gambling company lottery licence.

The minimum share capital is EUR 22 million. In following the CJEU's Engelmann ruling, the total austrian online gambling company of land-based casino licences to be granted for a maximum duration of 15 years was increased from 12 licences to The three new licences were individually granted by the BMF in a separate licence tender in The licence decisions were cancelled by the Federal Administrative Court Bundesverwaltungsgericht inwhich found the licence tender to be in violation of the principle of transparency under EU law.

The Supreme Administrative Court Verwaltungsgerichtshof confirmed these decisions in At the moment it is unclear whether the BMF will start a new licensing procedure for these three licences.

The 12 licences which were granted to Casinos Austria remain valid. Betting and austrian online gambling company machines outside land-based casinos: As previously stated, betting and slot machines outside land-based casinos are regulated at Bundesländer level. Different licensing criteria are applied by each of the Bundesländer. Due to the different age some dating back to as early http://pay.auads.info/no-first-deposit-bonus.phpothers set to enter into force austrian online gambling company and quality of the local laws, licensing requirements, as well as the exact product scope and licence term, differ significantly.

However, betting licences are generally available without quantitative restriction. In general, applicants have a right to being granted a betting licence after having fulfilled all legal requirements.

Betting austrian online gambling company may be granted to natural persons as well as austrian online gambling company companies. Further, the applicant must be a company with a supervisory board and a registered http://pay.auads.info/online-roulette-deutschland.php in Austria and it needs to fulfil certain stock capital requirements. Are personal and premises licences needed?

Do key suppliers need authorisation? Austrian law requires only the operator to hold a licence. Advertising for games of chance and betting are considered as accessory rights held by the licensee. In addition to the requirements described in question 2. The same applies for VLT outlets. As regards lotteries and casinos, the BMF is required to grant licences only based on a transparent tender procedure.

Applicants have to prove that they fulfil the licensing criteria mentioned in Sections 14 austrian online gambling company in 21 GSpG respectively. Licensing procedures and requirements for the operation of slot machines outside casinos and betting depend on the laws applicable in the Bundesländer.

The application for betting licences is fairly straight-forward, in particular due to the unlimited number of available licences. The lotteries licence was granted to Österreichische Http://pay.auads.info/online-casino-laws-us.php GmbH in and is valid until There are, in principle, up to 15 licenses available, austrian online gambling company of which has a maximum duration of 15 years.

Six licenses were granted to Casinos Austria in December and another six licences in Bgo 500 casino bonus Slot machines outside casinos: Maximum duration of 15 years, while availability of licences depends on laws applicable in the Bundesländer. A lottery or casino license can be withdrawn by the BMF, austrian online gambling company the licensee violates provisions of the GSpG or decisions by administrative authorities.

The violation of the licensing obligations may be sanctioned with fines up to EUR 22, Withdrawing the licence is applied only as ultima ratioif all other sanctions e.

Essentially, the same applies austrian online gambling company sports betting and slot machine licences under the respective local laws. According to Section 53 GSpG, the authorities have the right to confiscate slot machines operated in violation of Austrian gambling legislation. Decisions of the BMF to withdraw a is what slip deposit cheque can be appealed before the Federal Administrative Court Bundesverwaltungsgericht ; a withdrawal of a sports betting licence can be appealed before the respective Regional Administrative Court Landesverwaltungsgericht.

Please include in this answer the material promotion and advertising restrictions. The product scope varies according to local laws: Vorarlberg and, as ofSalzburg also allow social bets e. Some Bundesländer have introduced restrictions on betting on austrian online gambling company events and live betting.

Austrian online gambling company instance, Vienna allows live betting only on the end result and parts of the end result. Further, opening hours of betting shops are subject to certain restrictions. Players must not be able to play games simultaneously. After two hours of playing the machine has to shut down automatically. There are also requirements on minimum distances between gaming halls and provisions on how many machines may just click for source installed in one location 10 to 50 machines in gaming halls, one to three machines outside gaming halls, e.

According to the GSpG, the number http://pay.auads.info/safe-australian-online-casino.php slot machines outside casinos is limited to a maximum of three licenses in austrian online gambling company Bundesland.

Further, there is a restriction to a maximum of one machine per 1, inhabitants. There are also a number of other restrictions, such as a minimum distance between the gaming machines and a maximum licence period, etc.

Further restrictions depend on the respective Bundesländer laws. The operation of VLTs is subject to the lottery monopoly. The main legal restrictions regarding licensees are stipulated in the GSpG. According to the GSpG, in municipalities of more thaninhabitants, there must be at least two kilometres between a VLT outlet with more than 15 machines and a casino.

Otherwise, the distance between venues with more than 15 machines must be 15 kilometres. Casino games and lotteries: There are no restrictions on maximum stakes or pay-outs. Advertising illegal gambling carries an administrative penalty of up to EUR 22, Gaming and betting taxes are levied at the point of consumption and apply irrespectively of whether or not the operator holds a licence.

Operators have to pay the following taxes:. Social responsibility measures to be taken by gambling and betting operators mainly include providing staff with responsible gaming training. The GSpG provides for a number of player protection regulations, most of which have to be fulfilled by an operator in order to receive a licence austrian online gambling company, for instance, the access to casinos.

Some of the Bundesländer betting acts provide that players must have the option to self-exclude. Does your jurisdiction permit virtual currencies to be used for gambling and are they separately regulated? Austria does not have separate money laundering legislation, but instead has legal provisions implementing the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives in a number of different national laws, including the GSpG.

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